How to Swap

A step-by-step guide to how to Swap….

Worldwide everyone is loving a good Swapping Party!

You get the rush, excitement and satisfaction of the retail therapy hunt but in a way that is safe for the environment and your pocket. Swapping is all about sharing!

How It Works?

1. A SwapAholicsUK member at the front desk will direct you to the ‘Clothing Sorting Table’

2. Another SwapAholicsUk member will count your pieces and give you a token with the total amount.( So if you bring 5 items you get 5 tokens). Designer pieces get 2 tokens for every piece. There is no limit to the amount you can bring!

3. Then go on a hunt (in our swapping area/ set up like a retail store) and pick out some items you love!

4. No Rush  ….stay for the music, entertainment, treats, chats with friends, try on the clothing. It’s better if you stay around as new clothing gets placed out on the floor throughout the day.

5. When you are ready then exchange the tokens for the clothing at the ‘Clothing Sorting Table’

What to Bring?
What not to bring: Bathrobes, pyjamas, underwear, lingerie, socks, or stockings. Items received that fail to meet these standards will be donated for recycling.
~ People can come in and out of the event once you’ve paid. You can go have lunch or a break then return.

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