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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. To whom ever this may concern,

    I am Sunishka Goenka, currently studying in London College of Fashion (1st year) and for my first live project I am researching on the concept of swapping clothes and how it relates to Sustainable and Ethical Fashion.
    I also have also created a blog online based on sustainable fashion and would be extremely keen in helping and contributing to what the aim of the movement is. I would like to discuss with you on what I feel about this initiative and I believe it is a great start to slow down mass consumerism rate in relation to the environmental impacts. I would be interested in helping out with various activities and be part of this event personally. I also have a few ideas regarding this issue and it would be great if I get a chance to express it. I would love to be part of the team and try and create awareness amongst my peers about this concept by making posters, pamphlets and distributing them or even a video.
    Therefore, I am asking for your help to support me through this project since I would like to start from a broad scale in terms of connecting with other people and reaching outside my comfort zone.
    It would be grateful to hear a positive response.
    Waiting for your reply,
    Thank you,
    Sunishka Goenka

    • Hi Sunishka,

      Are you still interested in this project? If so I’d love to talk to you.

      kind regards


  2. Hi there,
    I tried to buy a ticket online for today’s swap in Brixton, but it wouldn’t let me…:((((
    I will be going to this swap now so I’ll let you know this when I get there.
    Thank you,

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