About Us

SwapAholicsUK is an organisation that values the importance of protecting our environment that we live and play in.  To achieve this mission, we hope to advance a more sustainable future by offering events that encourages the reuse, recycle notion of a better world for our future generations “why shop, when you can swap”.

We host eco-friendly, conscious living  swapping events around London where people can swap clothing, shoes & accessories with one another.

In a world demanding you to spend, spend, spend! We are making a change and our events promise to reuse, recycle, and up-cycle clothing that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Our slogan, which says: ‘Swap, don’t Shop’, points to the joy of finding the item of your dreams with a clean conscience. You don’t have to fear your account balance any more. You don’t need to feel bad for buying ‘too many’ clothes, which is ultimately bad for the environment and your wallet! Swapping events are a fun and sustainable way to clear out your closets and cure the craving of a shopping spree!

SwapAholicsUK has 3 Golden Rules:

1. Sustainable Living : Reducing our carbon footprint by promoting a reuse/recycle economy.

2. Community Spirit : Bring the community together for a fun event for not only  clothing swapping, but also enjoying live music, local artists and pop-up booths in  a unique space.

3. Education : Spreading eco-friendly tips at our events and youth education seminars at local schools by explaining how little events like ‘clothing swaps’ can make a big difference.

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